ChatGPT Add-in for Outlook

You love ChatGPT – would you like to try running it on your emails, using any prompt you can think of – right inside Outlook? This ChatGPT tool lets you do just that!

*Works with your Microsoft 365 Account.
**Requires your own ChatGPT API key.

Want to roll out a ChatGPT Add-in Tool for Outlook to your team? Have a brilliant prompt - want a custom version you can resell?

Key Features

ChatGPT Add-in for Outlook Capabilities

Use the features in the Add-in to run ChatGPT on messages in your Inbox, or while composing a new email. For example:

ChatGPT Integration

Want To Roll It Out to Your Team?

If you’re interested in rolling out Blueberry’s ChatGPT Outlook Add-in Tool to your team, we’ve got you covered! We can create a version with your custom prompt for your 365 domain. Contact us today to get started.

ChatGPT for business

Custom Add-in for Your Business

Got a brilliant prompt – want a version you can resell?

We can create a custom version of the ChatGPT Outlook Add-in Tool that features your own unique prompts that you can resell to unlimited users. With our help, you can turn your good idea into a profitable business!

Here’s how it works:

Who we are

About Blueberry

Blueberry Consultants is a private limited Custom Software Development Company, formed in early 1997. Blueberry is an expert in Microsoft technologies and has been a Microsoft Partner for a number of years – as well as an Amazon Web Services specialist.

Disclaimer: ChatGPT is a registered trademark of OpenAI. Blueberry’s email plugin uses ChatGPT technology but we are not affiliated with OpenAI or Microsoft.
Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft. Blueberry is a Microsoft Partner.

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